Interview Guidelines

No two interviews will be the same.

The best simple tips for every interview is to smile, cross your fingers and sit forward and straight in your chair. Sitting back lazily in your chair while fidgeting will not win you any brownie points. Show you are interested, engaged and excited to have been invited there for an interview.

Always prepare some questions to ask, make sure they are relevant to the role, speak clearly and be honest with the information you provide.

Always, always, always research the company and the person who you will be meeting, many websites now have a list of employees and managers, even if you can’t find any personal information on the contact, I highly recommend you make an effort to view their website. 9 times out of 10 you will get asked what you know about the company and having a good strong answer is key. Short for time you say??  How about look up the company on your smart phone while you wait for your morning coffee or in the line at the supermarket, take 5 minutes to do this.

Write down 2-3 questions of additional information you would like to know about the company. This engages further conversation and is a great way to display your interest and initiative even further.

Never be late to an interview! You will rarely get a second chance if you do not attend on time. By being late or not showing up creates the opinion to your perspective employer that you are unreliable to present to work/shift on-time.