Are bullet points better than paragraphs on a resume?

Now this is a great question to ask yourself…

For many people in the recruitment industry whether it is an internal recruitment process or through an agency you will find that that big long paragraphs are not eye catching and easy to read.

You ONLY get 30-40 seconds to attract the attention of the resume reader, if your resume is unclear or blocked out with heavy paragraphs you will find yourself overlooked no matter how good your qualifications are.

“Keep it simple; keep it clear and easy to read”

Bullet points are excellent for listing your responsibilities under each job role on your resume, also for your summary of skills and/or your tickets and licences.

Another point to make, your resume must have a list of responsibilities under each job role you have had in order to make your resume stand out. The amount of resume I saw while working as a Recruitment Consultant with the company name and the person’s position in that company, yet no duties or responsibilities were listed… If I can’t see what you have done, I will move to the next application.

Your resume is not just a page of information about what you have done, it’s a lot more than that! You need to sell yourself and present yourself in a way that outlines you can do the role you are applying for.

When it comes to a summary or career profile your paragraphs will looks great in this section. List 2-3 paragraphs of information in this area.

It is all about knowing what goes where on your resume!