Having a new resume can make you feel powerful! The confidence that comes from knowing you're putting your best foot forward is inspiring. Get yourself a new look today and help yourself to reach new AMAZING things.
The Resume Engineer is servicing Australia and beyond with all your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile needs. Package options available.
Resume Services

High end resumes, cover letters and/or LinkedIn profile service for applicants applying for Executive, Management or CEO positions.
This also includes academics and those with highly specialist technical skill sets.

For job seekers with a more comprehensive work history or technical skill set.
This includes Sales Managers, Trades Supervisors, Senior Administrators, Engineers, IT gurus and business owners.

Standard resumes are for college graduates, people looking to re-enter the work force, professionals with less than 5 years of experience and most tradies looking to stay within their chosen trade.


Getting Started

Before we get started I will require some information from you in order to make your resume and cover letter the absolute best it can be!

This will enable me to construct the best resume for you, highlighting your skills and industry experience.

If you do not have a resume and cover letter and are not sure of what information needs to go on it – Do not worry!!
Your resume designer, Alicia, has all the documents you’ll need. The Resume Engineer’s Form1 will be emailed directly to you; I will use this information as a guide to help me construct a stand out resume for your prospective employer.

Resumes for any Industry
  • Maritime Construction
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Trades and Other services
  • Education and Training
  • Graduate Programs
  • Building and Construction
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Business Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Media and Communications
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • HR and Recruitment
  • Project Management